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Letters to the Editor



May 20, 2022

Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act and Ohio HB 616


Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act specifies that classroom education should not include lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity to children at an early age, i.e. kindergarten through third grade. The Act indicates that parents are the primary decision makers for their children and have the fundamental right to preserve their children’s innocence. Further, the Act stipulates that parents are given options on what school-related healthcare services their children use as well as having access to all their children’s education and health records. Ohio House Bill 616 is similar to the Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act but in addition prohibits the teaching of concepts, e.g. critical race theory, that the State Board of Education defines as divisive or inherently racist. The Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club encourages supporting Bills like HB 616 that prevent the sexualization of children and the teaching of racist and divisive concepts. PRESERVE PARENTS' RIGHTS and PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton; (440) 308-8954; 32368 Regency Ct , Avon Lake 44012

May 16, 2022

Protect Our Children: 

The Florida Dept. of Health recently adopted guidelines to halt the use of aggressive and harmful treatments, including puberty blockers, hormones and gender reassignment surgery for children under 18 years old with gender dysphoria alone. Following these treatments, the long-term psychological and cognitive impacts on children are not known. Treatments of these confused children are not appropriate since conclusive evidence exists that 80% of children with dysphoria lose their desire to identify with a sex other than their birth sex.


Florida guidelines specify that social gender transition including gender-affirming pronouns, restroom access, hairstyles and clothing should not be offered as a treatment option for these children.  Florida’s review found that the recently issued federal guidance on gender dysphoria was only a crude attempt to inject political ideology into the healthcare of children.


Florida guidelines recommend that children with gender dysphoria be socially supported by their peers and families, seek counseling by a licensed provider and not be encouraged by anyone into irreversible decisions as children. Pressuring by social workers or school officials who are exceeding their rightful boundaries could be considered “child abuse”. Ohio officials should join with other states and countries (e.g. Florida, Texas and France) to advocate against pursuing unnecessary, risky, aggressive and irreversible treatments for children with gender dysphoria. President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton; (440) 308-8954; 32368 Regency Ct , Avon Lake 44012


April 6, 2022

Outrage in Women’s Sports

No subjective feelings or medical treatments regardless of length or severity can convert males into females. Transgender males or biological men with gender dysphoria who wish to be women are now taking advantage of woke, intimidated and confused legislators, national sport governing bodies and women’s rights leaders to seal the demise of women’s sports, as we know it. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was designed to remedy past discrimination against women in education and athletics. The introduction into women’s sports of males, e.g. NCAA Champion Lia Thomas of UPenn, who by nature have certain structural, processing and functional advantages, distorts the playing field of competitive sports and needs to be stopped since it is a threat to women’s rights.


Ohio legislators must now take action to correct the injustice, restore fairness, preserve privacy, promote safety and join many other states in prohibiting males from participating in women’s sports at any level. The gender identity issues of one group must not impede the rights or promote discrimination aimed at another group. Women must be allowed to reap the benefits, e.g. scholarships and gain the opportunities, e.g. launching of careers, from their athletic achievements. Women should not be forced to be become spectators in their own sports. Please contact you legislators and let them know your feelings about this issue. Stop Discrimination Against Women! President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton 308-8954; 32368Regency Ct , Avon Lake 44012


April 3, 2022

Texas Heartbeat Act: A New Unique Prolife Approach

With all that is going on in the world, we cannot lose sight of other important issues - like life. The Texas Heartbeat Act allows a private civil lawsuit, for damages with a minimum of $10,000 plus costs, be brought against anyone who encourages or aids in an abortion when the baby’s heartbeat or cardiac activity is detectable or at about six weeks of baby development. The Texas Heartbeat Act represents a novel, clever and far-reaching prolife approach that has been allowed by the US Supreme Court to become effective and has already substantially decreased the number of abortions performed in Texas since September 1st.


The recently introduced Ohio House Bill 480 that is currently in Committee mirrors the Texas Heartbeat Act and passage now would have a dramatic effect on the 20,000 abortions that are routinely performed in Ohio each year. To save as many children’s lives as possible, Ohio legislators need to be encouraged to enact HB 480 or similar legislation NOW and take timely advantage of this new approach regardless of what eventually happens months from now when a Supreme Court decision is made on Roe vs. Wade. SAVE THE CHILDREN! President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton 308-8954; Avon Lake, Ohio 44012

March 14, 2022

Avon Avon Lake Republican Club Donates to Ukrainian Refugees

In light of the humanitarian crisis taking place in Ukraine, Tomie Patton, President of the Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club has provided more than $3000 from Club members to the Ukrainian Refugees Fund sponsored by St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Lorain, Ohio. St. Mary’s has advised that the fastest and most effective way to help the desperate Ukraine refugees in Poland is by accessing the donation button on the home page, of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and contributing for Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine with PayPal (Verified) or Debit/Credit Card. You may also make a donation by mailing a check to St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 2304 E. 34th St., Lorain, OH 44055. Please note UKRAINE RELIEF on the memo line. St. Mary’s will post soon for other needed help, but is unable to accept any further donations of non-perishable food. President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton 308-8954; 32368Regency Ct , Avon Lake 44012


February 11,2022                                                                                                                                                        Avon – Avon Lake Republican Club Supports Canadian Truckers

Citizens of Canada and the United States of America have a constitutional right to freedom and control over their lives, including their health, without fear of intimation or reprisals from their respective governments. Therefore, the Avon – Avon Lake Republican Club has resolved to support the Canadian truckers’ peaceful protest known as the “Freedom Convoy” against the harsh, draconian vaccine mandates being imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government against cross border truck drivers. Such measures are not only an unwarranted infringement on their individual and collective freedoms, but will have a severe impact on the Canadian economy and the well-being of millions Canadian citizens.

The Canadian national motto is “A Mari Usque ad Mare”, which translates to “From Sea to Sea”, or as interpreted by the Avon – Avon Lake Republican Club, as we stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the Canadian truckers, in their honorable and peaceful protest against unwarranted government health mandates and infringement on personal freedom. President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton 308-8954; 32368Regency Ct , Avon Lake 44012


January 12,2022

Improve Ohio Education with Real School Choice 

Currently, Ohio’s EdChoice Scholarship Program only allows “low-income” parents to “escape” from Dept. of Education documented “poor performance schools”. Ohio citizens should be able to freely choose with the support of state funds, the school that their children attend. Ohioans should be allowed to withdraw their children from the underperforming and/or “indoctrinating” schools and have those school districts lose state funds associated with the exiting students. Undoubtedly, all "wise" schools would proactively improve their educational services to avoid losing state funds. All Ohioans have the right to seek the best quality educational services for their children with their tax dollars. We need to give Ohioans "real" free choice and increase educational quality. President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club Tomie Patton Ratherred@outlook.com440-308-8954; 31940Lake Road, Avon Lake 44012"




December 9th, 2021

Misguided Compassion for Violent Criminals

Having compassion for documented violent criminals by having our justice system directed toward early release from prison, no or low bail, failure to prosecute or reclassification of violent crimes represents misguided emotion by liberal politicians/prosecutors and not equal justice. Criminals are violent by choice and not chance! Accountability must always be present in our society for violence. Public safety and not comfort and freedom for violent criminals should always have priority in our nation of laws.

Limiting interaction with others, denying mobility and having effective law enforcement are our society’s primary means of deterrence for violent criminals and protecting the innocent. Only successful approaches that reduce violent behavior by criminals should be pursued by our justice system.

Rejecting society’s punitive actions on violent criminals and embracing “anti-police” approaches by liberal politicians/prosecutors promotes criminality as shown by the recent increases in serious violent crimes in our major cities. Compassion should be reserved for victims. Violent criminals have already made their choice. 

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


Nov 24, 2021

To the Editor:

The Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club thanks Attorney General Dave Yost for bringing lawsuits against the Biden administration to prevent the government’s overreach with the implementation of the unprecedented mandate for Covid-19 weekly testing or vaccinations covering -100 million workers. We agree with Yost, other states and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that characterized the mandate as fatally flawed and staggeringly overbroad with constitutional concerns. President Biden unlawfully abused his emergency power by having the Occupational Safety and Health Administration overstep its role since the nationwide vaccine mandate and other requirements have nothing to do directly with workplace risk and personal health-care decisions. Undoubtedly, Biden’s mandate would bring about harmful, unintended consequences in our supply chain and workforce.

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


November 16th, 2021

Overturned Vaccine Mandate

The Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club thanks Attorney General Dave Yost for bringing lawsuits against the Biden administration to prevent the government’s overreach with the implementation of the unprecedented mandate for Covid-19 weekly testing or vaccinations covering ~100 million workers. We agree with Yost, other states and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that characterized the mandate as fatally flawed and staggeringly overbroad with constitutional concerns. President Biden unlawfully abused his emergency power by having the Occupational Safety and Health Administration overstep its role since the nationwide vaccine mandate and other requirements have nothing to do directly with workplace risk and personal health-care decisions. Undoubtedly, Biden’s mandate would bring about harmful, unintended consequences in our supply chain and workforce.

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


September 27th, 2021


On this twentieth anniversary of 9/11, we all need to take time to recognize and thank all the members of our First Responder Teams including the Fire, Police, EMTs, 911 Operators and all their supporting staff. The courage and bravery shown by First Responders on that terrible day in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC can still be found in the hearts and actions of our past and current First Responders in Lorain County. These First Responders are professionals that expertly, patiently and consistently: help us; reassure us; care for us; mourn with us; send aid to us; carry us; watch out for us; protect us; warn us; remind us; save us; treat us; guide us; wait for us; listen to us; serve us; preserve our property; guard us; catch those who harm us and sometimes, at a risk to their own safety, act for us. For all these heroic actions we are all truly grateful and wish the best to them every day.

We are asking all the citizens of Lorain County, if you see any of these special people when out and about, to please thank them for their service or give them a “thumbs up” as a positive sign  of our gratitude for the critically important job they do for us every day.

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


June 12, 2021

Free Speech Suppression and Media Arrogance

Social media giants of Facebook, Google and others demonstrate their power, arrogance and tyranny by arbitrarily censoring conservative speech without transparency. These monopolies run by oligarchs are promoting a radical leftist ideology and seek to determine public discourse by denying platform access, controlling speech, thought and content through intimidation and silencing voices that are contrary to their radical narrative. Accountability for their discriminating actions doesn’t currently exist.

 On July 1st, Florida will start protecting its citizens and return their opportunity to communicate in the virtual public square. In Florida, information will flow freely; transparency exists; adequate notice of policy changes and reasons for punitive actions are given; and secret algorithms, inconsistent standards and deplatforming are eliminated. Florida prohibits the deplatforming of candidates and “Big Tech” can be sued. Congressional bipartisan anti-trust Bills are already surfacing to check the economic and censoring power of these monopolies.

Ohio citizens need to be free to express themselves online without arbitrary censorship and not be subjected to the anti-competitive tactics of these trusts. Ohio should protect us and restore the freedoms we once had before “Big Tech” becomes the final arbiter of the truth and too powerful. 

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


May 25th, 2021

Save Ohio from Law Enforcement Insanity

A well-funded and respected police force is essential to maintain our freedoms and structure of society.  Politicians and the media are trying to recreate America by presenting a warped perception of recent tragic events.  These forces are shouting for law enforcement dismemberment based on false narratives of systemic racism and claims of widespread police misconduct. 

Ohio must not:  Defund the Police - Reimagine the Police
                           Interfere with Police Procedure
                           Eliminate Existing Crime Units
                           Reclassify Crime Severity
                           Promote Zero Bail and Empty Prisons

Actions like these have caused societal chaos with significant surges in major crimes in major US cities.  Instead of being encouraged and supported, police are overworked, overwhelmed, burned out and are leaving cities or retiring. 

Florida passed model legislation, "Combating Public Disorder", requiring all local jurisdictions to enforce laws, prohibit intimidation, respond to riots, not defund the police, protect people and property, extend holding of violators and enhance the severity of violent crimes on police.  This law prevents local governments from acting in favor of radical leftists and anarchists seeking reckless reform to fulfill their fantasies of destroying America as we know it.  The rule of law must be preserved in Ohio and the insanity must be stopped.

President of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Tomie Patton


 February 1st, 2021

Response to a Disappointing 1/22/20 WestLife Editorial

The 1/22/20 “Bullying rarely changes minds or the end result” editorial presents a biased view on pro-life activities and motivation. Pro-Life experience has shown that prayerful vigils, offered counseling and free ultrasounds, give expectant Moms a last-minute opportunity to reflect on alternatives regarding the fate of their developing baby and sometimes helps them to choose life. Pro-life approaches used by Cleveland Right To Life are directed to help Moms and are not bullying or shaming. Progress toward choosing life is made every day a March for Life occurs as evidenced by signs of approval from March passers-by. 

Laws can be used as guiding lights for society’s rules but are not a substitute for distinguishing between right and wrong choices. Laws have changed in a heartbeat. Morality doesn’t. Morality is primarily based on our own humanity, learned values from our parents, religious teachings and is not necessarily dependent on laws, e.g. Hong Kong protestors. Morality can be suppressed in us but is usually represented whether we are listening or not, by that small but persistent inner voice in the back of our heads that whispers to us and tries to guide our behavior.

Slavery was at one time accepted by society, allowed by law, drove an economy and led to the imprisoning of abolitionists. Pornography, excessive gambling and chemical abuse, e.g. alcohol, are freely available endeavors based on commercial interests, current societal values and are all allowed under the law. These practices are reflective of the more unsavory aspects of our human nature and certainly cannot be defined as good behavior.

Abortion, “plain and simple” is sacrificing innocent developing children for efficiency and economy and is considered by about one-half the US population as immoral. People can make responsible choices before the time of conception but once new individuals are started termination forfeits their rights. All humans are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. As a proof of how most parents feel, think of the enormous personal and governmental efforts that are expended, without question every day in hospitals in every state and worldwide to save premature children.

Pro-Life activists want our society to pause and reflect on what we are doing when we permit the termination of more than 60 million children since 1973. Based on their moral compass, some major retailers have decided to stop selling tobacco and others don’t sell guns any longer. As a responsible corporation dedicated to the common good and interest in health care, Planned Parenthood should be separating itself from any services that kill innocent children regardless of what the percentage is in their business model. Future generations will be looking back at our society as barbaric since we allow and sometimes promote the killing of our own children. What would Jesus do?

Member of Avon/Avon Lake Republican Club, Rudy Breglia PhD




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